Text Message Marketing for Political Campaigns

One of the most important strategies for political campaigns is text message marketing. Those who leverage texting effectively early on get a decisive advantage to organize on the ground and to get supporters into the voting booth.  

President Obama announced his VP pick (Joe Biden) to nearly 3 million people in 2008. This laid the foundation for a transformative campaign that leveraged emerging media like never before.

His Republican challenger, Mitt Romney” state that “the American Public has embraced texting as an important for of communication and commerce.”

Donald Trump has leveraged texting for his campaign as well and now even has the power to mass text all Americans. This is the “Presidential Alert System“.

Trump Text Message

We’ve arrived at a point where people prefer to get texts over other forms of communication. This is most certainly true of phone calls, which are rarely answered and emails that are rarely opened.

Texts have a 98% open rate. 95% of texts are opened within the first 3 minutes of being sent!

Common Uses

It is time politicians use text message marketing to their advantage. What are the best ways to accomplish this? From sharing political views to voter registration, here are some common uses that will help.

Send Event Alerts

The calendar trail is filled with events. It is terrible optics and a momentum killer to have and empty room. Each event will need to have mass texts sent about it. Following the event, a link to videos and media of the event can be sent for those who could not make it. Of course voter registration links can always be included as you urge supporters to spread the word.

Volunteer Organization

Organizing volunteers can be where many campaigns fall apart. Enthusiasm coupled with organization is an unstoppable force. With TextTalk, you can easily organize volunteers into groups and measure success. A quick text when in need of volunteers can be the difference in an extra 100 doors being knocked on. Volunteers can as supporters to opt-in to the texting list, which will scale your operation fast.

Important Announcements

Announcements sent over texts will galvanize supporters. One way to keep people actively waiting for texts from you is to make an announcement through text first, perhaps right before tweeting to the general public. Narrative is everything. Texting directly to supporters allows politicians to control the narrative, away from media distractions.

Important announcement decisions can include running mate decisions, event reminders debate highlights and election day vote count updates. Perhaps you will livestream and announcement on your Youtube channel. A great way to increase social media presence is to share the video link to your supporters over text right before going live. You could even take questions!


One of our features at TextTalk is polling. You can send text-to-vote questions to your staff and supporters and get polling data back from them in real-time. This can help you to make critical decisions while letting your volunteers and supporters know that you care what they think.

The Youth Vote

Mobilizing the youth vote can be tricky. The millennial’s and now Generation Z grew up in a different world than GenX and for them, texting is the perfect communications platform.

Getting Voters to Register and Vote

Politicians are not in the business of building Twitter followings but rather, winning campaigns. Text messaging is a powerful way to win. By easily converting supporters to subscribers, you transform the dynamic of your relationship. It become more personal.

The best way to get someones phone number is to ask them too text you. This is done through a “keyword” and “shortcode”.


Text “TRUMP” to 333888 for text alerts from President Trump!

Text “Clinton to 333888 for text alerts from Hillary Clinton!

No matter if you are Democrat or Republican you don’t have to worry about algorithms or social media silencing you. Text massage marketing for political campaigns is a full-proof way to communicate.

Where to Push the Keyword and Shortcode?

Text “InsertName” to 333888 is a an example of what to do. But where do you spread this around? Everywhere! Here are a few places to initiate the call-to-action:

  • Flyers
  • Lawn Signs
  • Buttons
  • Campaign Bus Design
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Campaign Website
  • Ads
  • Media Appearances
  • Rallies and Events


Once supporters are on your texting list fundraising gets much easier. The 98% open rates will pay off big time. Invited them to fundraising dinners, VIP spots at rallies and other promotional perks.

Share a link that asks for recurring monthly donations until election day. This will ensure a steady supply of much needed reliable funding on your way to victory.

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