Responsible Use

The TextTalk service is a powerful group messaging technology that gives you the ability to notify thousands of people in seconds. As such, we expect you to use it responsibly. This Responsible Use document is designed to complement—not replace—our Terms of Use by helping you understand some of our expectations for responsible and legal use of our service. Please understand that this list is not meant to be comprehensive, and you are ultimately responsible for the messages you send.

  • Identify yourself or your organization in your message.
  • Pay close attention to the time you are sending messages, particularly when sending messages across multiple time zones.
  • While our service allows recipients to opt out from receiving your messages if they answer your call or receive your text, you should have a process in place to allow people to opt out by other methods like calling or emailing you. You should then enter opt outs via our opt-out page, or permanently remove these numbers from your calling lists—ideally both.
  • When promoting a text keyword, make sure to clearly communicate the type of messages you will be sending.
  • DO NOT use TextTalk to send messages to phone numbers that were not given directly to you or your organization.
  • DO NOT use TextTalk to initiate:
    • Political calls – including calls for soliciting votes or supporting/opposing issues.
    • Telemarketing or promotional calls – including any call designed to induce the purchase of a good or service. Put simply, don’t use our service to encourage people to buy something. Period.
    • Charitable contribution calls – including calls to previous donors.
    • Note: Although some of the above listed calls may be legal in certain circumstances, we respectfully decline to allow this traffic on our network.
  • If you’d like to research laws and regulations affecting our group messaging service, here’s a good start:

Remember, you are ultimately responsible to make your own informed decisions regarding your campaigns and you remain fully liable for any use of our service in violation of any applicable law, as well as this Responsible Use policy and our Terms of Use.