Mass Texting

Everything You Need To Know about Mass Texting To Groups, Charities, Customers and Organizations.

More than ever it is getting harder to reach your own audience. You build up a social media following and then the algorithm changes. With that, reach can go from 20% to 2% overnight.

Email delivery and open rates have plummeted. Phone calls take too much time and increasingly people prefer to get a text message. Apps can have a higher open rate but it’s difficult to get others to download and keep an app or allow notifications.

This s why mass texting has emerged as, by far, the most effective way to communicate with a large group. It is non-intrusive, immediate and convenient for your organization and audience.

What Is Mass Texting

It is the best way for organizations to reach hundreds or thousands of people instantly. In just seconds, on mobile or desktop, you can reach thousands of people. This can be for live events, livestreams, announcements, special deals, organization and for safety and crisis situations among other scenarios.

It can be done through your phone on our web-based application or app. Many prefer to use their desktop to not on mass text everyone at once but also to handle responses that may come. There is not comparison to manual texting as mass texting is a tremendous time-saver which allows for categorization and next-level group organization.

Depending on your organization and business model there are many strategies to implement. No matter how you apply the technology the benefits revolve around the quickness at which your audience will receive and open the message.

The Difference Between A Mass Texting Service & Texting Apps

It is important to understand the difference between mass texting and texting apps. People often search for “free texting apps” only to be disappointed in the results.

Texting apps are limited to the size of audience, often unable to reach more than ten people at once.

Another big difference is privacy. When someone replies in a group text through texting app everyone can read it. With our system, only the sender will see responses, making it far more private and less annoying for everyone involved by getting too many messages.

The last key difference is that it’s easy for people to leave the conversation in a mass text exchange. It can be frustrating to get messages for a group of people and then have to take a few minutes out of your day trying to escape the chatter.

Why Send A Mass Text

Why You Should Include Mass Texting As Part of Your Marketing Strategy

  • Everyone Reads Their Text messages
  • Engage With Your Audience At Scale
  • Trigger Timely Action
  • Save Money

Mass Texting Strategy Tips

Concise Messages

You are limited to 160 characters, so by nature you will be limited in a mass text message. It is imperative the message is clear and concise, written in easy-to-understand English. Don’t text for college graduates, but rather, text to an 8th grade ready level or even lower. Simple, direct and easy to process.

Good Timing

You don’t want to send too many text but you also don’t want to send to few. Create a schedule or system and stay consistent with it. Texting is more personal in nature than email so be respectful but not forgetful.

Add Value

Promotional offer, live events and useful information are all great reasons to send a mass text message. If you go live or create a new offer everyday, it may need to be ‘special’ in some way. It is important to ask yourself, “am I being intrusive”. Be tactful and provide value and all parties should be happy.

Strong CTA’s

A strong “Call-to-action” should encourage engagement. Let the recipient know what to do to get great value.

Consider the History Of Texting

This is a little outside-the-box but consider why texting began: to connect without calling. You text a friend to provide information, direction, fun or to speak at a later time. People have been mentally trained to think of texting in the context, so sticking with the ‘spirit’ of texting will pay off nicely.