Text Marketing for Spa & Salon

The heart of the spa and salon industry is all about taking it easy. Instead of adding more stress to your clients’ lives, make things easier on them by upgrading your marketing and commutations system to text marketing. The following guide will show you why text marketing is right for your spa or salon. It will also share a few examples of helpful text messages you can send to your clients.

What is Text Message Marketing for Spas or Salons?

Text marketing is the notion of sending information to clients or customers instantaneously. All manner of businesses utilize text marketing. Many of them use SMS to drive sales, improve brand awareness, increase website traffic, or remind clients of upcoming appointments or events.

Why Text Message Marketing for Salons and Spas?

Text messaging is one of the best ways to communicate with many people. In fact, smartphone users in the US send and receive five times more text messages than they make and receive phone calls.

Still not convinced? Read on!

Here are 6 Reasons Why Your Salon or Spa Should Text

1. It’s widespread

More people text than don’t text. Over the last decade, the number of monthly texts has increased more than 7,700%.  And it might surprise you to learn that 94% of smartphone users 70 and older text on a regular basis.

2. It’s much more effective than emailing

More stats coming at you! 97% of marketing texts get read. And 90% of those messages are opened within three minutes of acknowledgement.  And emails? Well, that drops down to a stunning opening rate of only 10%. Ouch!

3. It offers a personal touch

Email reeks of spam. Text messages, however,are more friendly. Your clients likely text their friends and family, so a text from your salon will be that much closer to the personal level than would an email or phone call.

4. Texting is affordable

Text campaign costs can often be as little as a cent per text. Furthermore, the return will definitely make it a smart move on your part!  Better communication means more profit.

6. Better use of your time

Your clients must opt-in to receive messages, as stated above. You can focus your energy on willing participants—this makes life so much easier!

Examples of Text Marketing Messages for Spas and Salons

Alright, now we’re onto the fun part! Below are some examples of how you can use text messaging to improve business at your spa or salon.

Appointment Reminders

Remind, change, or cancel an appointment instantaneously:

Sassy Salon appointment reminder: 2:00 PM Monday, July 8. Text 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, 3 to reschedule.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Those who opt-in to your deals are looking to take advantage of them! Tip: send out time-sensitive offers during your slow hours.

Three Rivers Spa – Today only! Get a FREE aromatherapy massage with purchase of any facial.

Events and Contests

Get people in the door by offering open houses, launch parties, or demos. You can sweeten the deal by entering all guests into a drawing to win a massage or facial.

You are invited to our FREE makeup tutorial with Kayla, our talented esthetician! Enter to win a facial package!

You can also hold a contest. Clients can text a keyword to enter, and clients will get an autoresponse to confirm their entrance.

Thanks for entering to win a FREE hot-stone massage! Winner will be contacted via text on September 5th. Good luck!

Get Feedback on Services

Feedback is key! Give your clients the opportunity to have their voice heard. You can do this easily by texting them a link to a survey.

Hi, Brandon! We hope you’re feeling relaxed! If you have 30 seconds, we would love to know how we did. Thanks! (survey link)

Communicate With Staff

Schedule, get fill-ins, receive vacation requests, etc., all through text messaging. This is an effective and professional way to keep things running smoothly!

Share Forms

You can also text your client important forms, which will tell you where they are experiencing pain, and any pertinent medical information.

Hello, Shauna! Please review and sign these forms prior to your visit tomorrow at Fresh Spa.

Create a Rewards Program

Your loyal customers deserve rewards! Text them on their birthday, or send special deals in return for their many visits to your office.

Congratulations, Beth! As a thank you for your business, your next facial is on us.

How to Get Started Text Enabling Your Spa or Salon

If you’re not sold by now, it’s likely because you’re not really sure how to text your clients. No problem! We can help!


Text-Enable Your Number

It’s best if you use the phone number your clients already know. It’s okay if it’s a landline! You can still receive calls as usual, but you can also receive text messages, which you can read on your dashboard or on the mobile app.  You can also get signed up for a short code—which, in this case, is the number to which your clients will send the message.

Next, choose a keyword. This should be simple and easy to remember—it’s what your clients will use to opt-in to receiving your text messages. For example, if your spa is named New Day Salon, your keyword might be “NEW”.

Gather Subscribers

Start by looking at your list of phone numbers for clients. You can upload this list directly into your TalkText dashboard.

You may, however, have to start from scratch to build a contact list. You can advertise for this with window displays, stickers, magnets, etc. You can also use a simple sign on your register or on your website.

Start Sending Messages

Tell your clients how often they will receive messages, and that standard rates apply. You can also try out advanced techniques, such as templates and duplicates, schedule texts, data collection, and MMS marketing.

We are happy to get you started on text message marketing for your spa or salon today!