Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real Estate agents find themselves doing a little bit of everything. One of the things agents often fail to do is utilize text message marketing. It’s shocking because they play the role of video production, lead actor, fierce negotiator and cold caller with a smile on their face. Still, they forget the easiest and most effective way to communicate with buyers and sellers: Texting.

The spirit of texting dictates that when you send it you are willing to talk on the phone. If you think about it, that is the origins of the text message. People send texts as an informal way to relay information, yet not be too intrusive. Facebook posts don’t do this. Instagram posts don’t do this. Video listings don’t do this no matter how big and bold you flash your telephone number. This is why texting the perfect approach for a real estate agent. It’s gently saying ‘this may be perfect for you text back or call if you want to discuss further.’

To take it a step further, you can easily segment lists according to list and send voice messages to further drill down prospects and interest. They can get texts and voice message on their phone from their favorite real estate agent and they’ll be happy about it.

Real Estate Text Message Statistics

We’ve dropped a hint at how SMS marketing can make your sales go ‘boom’ but let’s stop for a second before diving deeper and discuss statistics.

The National Association of Realtors found that 62% of home buyers prefer their agents send listing info over text messages. Emails and phone calls are great but nothing beats texting in terms of popularity and open rates.

How popular and what are the open rates? 95% of texts are opened in the first 3 minutes the are received. Go check your email stats right now and tell me if you are even hitting 20% a week after sending an email.

Despite this incredible news only 5% of realtors are communication but text, according to The California Association of Realtors.

Our response rate for texts is nearly 50%, while the average response rate for emails, according to MailChimp, is 11%.

The numbers don’t lie, a real estate SMS service is needed to give you that huge edge needed to survive and thrive. Now that you are convinced texting is a needed solution, lets walk through some use cases. This will help generate ideas about how to best apply it to your real estate agency.

How Real Estate Text Marketing Works

We have provided in in-depth sms marketing guide for those who want to learn everything. Lucky for you, it does not take hundreds of hours to learn the basics. Nothing works better than practice. That said, here are a few terms that are important too know before getting started.


An SMS keyword is a shortcode that customers can text to opt-in to your messages. Set up a message with more info that will send automatically when someone texts your keyword.

real estate mobil keywor


SMS short codes are short phone numbers a few digits long. You can simply tell everyone to text 56303 (for example) to be part of your SMS or MMS list.


“Multimedia Messaging Service” (MMS) is a message with longer character limit. More than text, it can include gifs, photos, video and audio files.


When someone opts into a keyword, you can have a series of texts ready too send to subscribers.


Autoresponders allow users to pre-schedule text messages that can be sent over a period days, weeks or even months.

Data Collection

Data Collection is a feature to collect data such as name, email and more.

How Realtors Can Leverage Texting Strategies

We know that statistics and the core linguistics of text marketing, now we can figure out how to promote listing and lock down sales.

Put Keywords On Riders And Leads Will Text You

Text “PennyLn” to 56303 is our example (pictured above). Put yourself in the shoes of an interested buyer slowly driving buy. They can stop and text the number in under 7 seconds. That is an extremely warm lead because they’ve already been to the property.

The Response

The reply could say: Thank you for your interest in 102 Penny Lane! Here is some more info: 4 BR, 3 BA, 2200 sqft, $415,ooo. Call (777) 284-8730 anytime to schedule viewing. Click for virtual tour: http://bit.ly/URdnY

A New Keyword For Each Property

We allow for unlimited keywords, which is rare in the text marketing industry. It is critical for Real Estate agents to designate a keyword for each listing. They keyword should be easy to remember and be related too the location, your name, name your real estate company and so on.

Place Keywords on property listings, social media postings and anywhere that listing is seen.

MMS is a Great Way To Send Photos Of A Property

Many texting platforms don’t allow for MMS but it is critical for Real Estate text message marketing. A photo of a beautiful home will hit an emotional button that text can’t compete with. Send photos and video walkthroughs with MMS.

Automatically Follow Up With Leads

Leads take time to mature before making the decision to buy or even buy a home. Autoresponders are excellent to keep a property fresh in the mind of a potential buyer. Sending follow-ups in the form of a question can keep the conversation moving and give perspective on interest.

Data is Gold

Collecting first and last names, cities they are looking to buy in and budgets is valuable information. Once this data is known you can open up your portfolio of listings that best fits what that person is looking for. With TextTalk, we allow you to access this data, so you can import or export it at any time.

Just Keep Talking Until You Meet Up With Them

You want to keep the conversation going through text, images and video. The autoresponders and preset sequences are amazing but of course personalization can create genuine connection. Eventually get them in front of you to close the deal!

Information to Include

Texts are bite-size listings. Keep them concise but include vital information. Some info to include:

  • Contact Info
  • Address
  • Size
  • Profile
  • Tiny URL for Google Maps
  • Tiny URL for your website
real estate texting troup
TextTalk Includes Property Listing Section To make It Easy For Realtors

Planning and Scheduling

Including free in our service is a calendar. Here you can set up mass texts, appointment reminders, follow-ups and more. We make it easier than ever to be a full service and harness the power of texting like nobody ever before.

Getting Started For Free!

With TextTalk you can get started for free, no credit card required. Our two-week free trial comes with with 50 free credits to get started, see how it works and get your plan in place. Real Estate text marketing is all about having a plan and knowing how to communication effectively. At TextTalk, communication is what we do best and have created real estate text templates to get you started.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Sign up for your free trial with us today. Whenever you are ready to upgrade to a paid plan, just change your billing plan in the dashboard. Now it’s time to start talking like never before!