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The Best Way To Find New Customers and Keep Them

Add New And Retain Customers

New Years Eve is the time of prosperity and business hike for almost every gym and fitness center. It is the time when they witness a 12-18% rise in member enrollment. However, this rise doesn't last very long. Within a few months, most of these members forget about their New Year’s resolutions to focus on health and fitness and start dropping out of the gym.

At this time, you need robust marketing strategies that can spread the word about your business as well as encourage existing members to stay onboard. Text messages are one of the most influential medium for this crucial purpose. It offers a lot better opening rates than any other medium.

Proof In Numbers

A survey by Flowroute reveals that text messages provide 82% clicks-through rates, which is way more than email and other sources. Text messages also provide 209% higher response rate than phone calls, email, and social media messengers. The best part is that about 90% of them are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them. Implementing text marketing for gyms and fitness centers would mean better exposure, more enrollment, and, most of all, a decrease in member dropouts. It can not only connect you with potential members, but also help you to communicate with at-risk members and motivate them. So, this post will present you with details of this marketing tool and some ways to use text marketing for fitness centers and gyms.

Text Message Growth And Benefits

Unlike other marketing platforms, text messages don't have any limitations in terms of device, screen, or applications. These messages are universal and don't need any data pack for working. Anyone with a mobile phone and a working network connection can receive and access them. The messages are also the quickest way to deliver direct data about your services to your potential or existing customers. Its usage in the B2C sector has grown by almost 92% from 2015 to 2017 due to its convenience. Needless to say, using text marketing for Gyms would also make it easier for the gym owners to connect your business with 50% of mobile users who don't use smartphones. So, how do you implement a sound text marketing strategy?

Text Message Marketing Strategies

Before you get down to implementing Text marketing for Fitness centers, there are some fundamental terms that you should know. These terms will help you to understand the structure of the text messages and design them more efficiently.

Short Codes And Keywords
Shortcodes refer to the 5-6 digit numbers that you use for sending SMS. It’s ideal to use them as they are easier to remember and use than a full-scale phone number. The keywords, on the other hand, are small text codes that the customer can access is your business. For example, if you are asking them to continue membership, use the keyword 'Y' for yes and 'N' for no. Similarly, to book a service say therapy session, you can assign something like 'BKTHPY.'

Auto Responder
You can't respond to every text and reply by yourself, but autoresponder can. It can detect the answer to SMS you send and provide preferred feedback for them. Like in the case of the therapy session, the autoresponder can reply with the available time slots and ask them to respond with their preferred time. Autoresponder also enables you to schedule messages for daily, weekly, or monthly dispatch. And of course, you can set it to send welcome messages to new customers.

Not everyone in your audience will have the same mentality and requirement. Some would like to know about cardio or weightlifting while the other may be interested in new machines. You can't just send the same SMS to each of them, it will seem irrelevant to most of them, and that's not good for business. The best policy is to survey their needs first. You can send a welcome message to every new member and ask them to join a new member survey through it. The study can be through the direct messages or through the web, that's up to you and your consumers. Either way, you will have adequate resources to personalize their SMS content.

The CTA buttons and links are perfect for driving the customers towards your mobile website or app. They also help you to encourage the customers for direct responses and phone calls. The button is also helpful in calculating click-through rates.

The CTA buttons and links are perfect for driving the customers towards your mobile website or app. They also help you to encourage the customers for direct responses and phone calls. The button is also helpful in calculating click-through rates.

Tricks To Use Text Marketing For Fitness Centers

Create Urgency
Urgency is one simple policy that every business is leveraging nowadays. Send them a message with something like 'limited period offer' or 'Exclusive deal,' and you will be amazed by the clicks it will offer. They are a perfect choice for members whose memberships are about to end. You can send them a text with something like 'your membership is about to end.’ Renew now and avail a limited period discount of 5%.' it will increase the click-through and re-registration chances by a considerable percentage.

Send Welcome Texts
There is no customer in the world who won't appreciate a warm welcome. It makes the customer feel valued and motivates them for a long term relation with your business. So, program your autoresponder to extract the customer name from your database and send a welcome note. You can also consider sending some offers or minor gifts for the first-timers. Even something as small as a pen, keychain, or water bottle will be enough to encourage them.

Create Customized Offers
When it comes to marketing, there is nothing as powerful as a discount coupon or code. 75% of consumers want businesses to provide texts with special offers. It not only makes the customer happy, but also persuades them to spread positive words about your gym or fitness center. The good thing is, you are always free to customize the offer for your budget. For example, if you are good on the budget, offer a discount to everyone. In case you don't want high overhead, use a contest. Send something like 'free goodies for first 5 members' or '20 % discount for couple deals.' A one-on-one deal or text to win contests are also great.

Send Encouraging Messages
Most of the time, when a person enters a gym or fitness center, he/she expects fast results, and that never works well. As a result, the person starts to feel discouraged and becomes irregular. The same thing also happens due to a hectic work schedule. A simple SMS or invite in this situation can present brilliant results. It can remind them about their fitness goals, upcoming events, or any other thing that can motivate them to get back.

Text Reminders
Even with the best strategies and policies, there are some uncertain factors that you cannot eliminate. For instance, let's say your machine breaks just before a shift, or the trainer suddenly falls sick, or you just have to close early due to some emergency. Now, there is no way to eliminate these things, and your customer understands it, but won't it be good if they don't have to pay a visit to find this reason. SMS can provide you with this convenience. You have an emergency; just text it to the customer and let them know about the available alternatives. They will appreciate this extra care.

Renewal Reminders
At some point or the other, you will have to send a membership renewal reminder to your customers. There are multiple ways like email, phone calls that you can adopt, but text messages are one of the most successful approaches. More than55% of consumer prefers these text reminders over other mediums. Therefore, classify your members according to their membership packs- monthly, quarterly, or yearly and develop SMS to send them before their plan ends.


Practicing text marketing for fitness centers have multiple advantages and benefits. It is cheaper, more targeting, and serves very good results. It can help you to remove the internet requirement and build a straightforward communication channel.

So, if you are looking for a marketing strategy to promote your fitness center, text marketing is the best possible solution. Implement it! The objective of text marketing is, besides making sales, to build your brand as well as to boost your member retention. To get things in motion, first, you have to know something about how does this marketing technique actually Shortcodes.

  • Short codes – you make up a five or six-digit long number with which you could opt-in clients to your SMS program. You have the liberty to send SMS coupons, promotions, and so on.
  • The keyword – you use a one-of-a-kind word that potential and ongoing clients can send messages to your specific shortcode. After that, you can make up an automatic reply that gives customers extra info about your business when they text the keyword you made up. For example, “GetFit” would be a good keyword. 
  • Collecting information – with this one, you can customize your messaging, all based on the answers that customers provided you with. Simple questions like the current weight or something similar can help you to improve your messaging in a really good way.
  • An auto-reply – after customers opted-in to your member’s list, they’re going to get an SMS message that will contain the confirmation of their subscription to your business. It’s called an auto-reply.
  • Offers – for instance, your gym got 40 member subscriptions in the first five days since you promoted your list with text marketing. Make sure you reward these new members with a weekly offer. They will surely feel engaged.

How Does Text Marketing For Fitness Centers And Gyms Work?

Seeing how this marketing tool works has been accomplished, but how does text marketing for gyms work in reality? Stay tuned, and you’ll find out. A text message is pretty simple, but it can be a crucial part of helping your fitness center to build itself as a perfect place for gym enthusiasts. Right now, you will get introduced with some tips and strategies on how can you promote your business with text marketing for fitness centers.

Put The Keyword Where Absolutely Anyone Can See It

Put the keyword on the front door of the gym or across social media like Facebook and Instagram, where potential clients can spot it with ease. When they do, they will text that word to your shortcode, and get every bit of possible information they can about your facility. 


Your newly-enrolled gym members can be nervous if they have to work out in busy times and when the gym is full of people. Self-consciousness can be a real issue for this clientele as well as being shy about their body-image. The usual fitness members like to know when the gym is full, so sending a message when there are not too many members is highly recommended. Make a contact list for the clients who said they want to know when it’s rather quiet in the fitness center.  Diet Plan Warnings
Making a new diet play isn’t that hard, but introducing to your everyday life can be an obstacle. For some people, just simply remembering what they should eat can be pretty tough. Making an SMS schedule is a technique that could solve this problem easily. You should send a couple of texts daily and allow some time for the meal preparation time. Include the exact recipe to make the meal and a shopping list for the ingredients of the meals that are required to make the meal. Use your mobile device to remind you of your diet plan, and you’ll get through the diet with no issues. 

Sending Encouraging Or Motivational Messages 

There’s a real chance that some of your gym members will be bored and start making excuses for not coming to training sessions, and you would have to prevent it in order to keep them at your gym. Sending motivational messages has proven to be an efficient technique to encourage members to continue to shape their bodies and eat healthily. Update them on some new classes, say to them the importance of health and body maintenance, or you can say that you miss them in the gym. 

Create Certain Groups

Make groups that are unique to certain customer’s interests. For example, you can have a bunch of kids taking gymnastics, moms who take Zumba classes, or a group of professional bodybuilders. Having a supplement shop and redirecting your customers to your shop can also be another separate group that you can make. Creating these groups can help a lot to you when you send targeted messages that are intended for one’s needs. 
Sending Promotional Offers Promoting discount classes or handing out free gym equipment will keep your customers satisfied, and they’ll come back to your gym, for sure. Make a free protein shake sample or get members who renew their contracts some free protein bars. People love getting things for free and being able to pay less money for a class. So, send these promotional offers regularly.  Why Would You Implement Text Marketing For Gyms?
It could seem hard to be above your competition because there are a lot of gyms opening every day in every corner of the world. So, one of the best techniques you can rise above your competitors in your region is with text marketing for fitness centers.  Reasons why you should implement text marketing to your business model, are:

  • Studies show that over 95% of text messages are read in a span of five minutes.
  • On average, people across the globe look at their phones for more than 100 times.
  • A vast majority of people own a mobile phone, meaning they could get a text message.
  • Nowadays, more than 60% of people who own mobile phones like their business offers to be received with text messages.

SMS Templates For Text Marketing For Gyms

  • How Will An Invitation Sound Like: “Planet Fitness would be glad to invite you to a CrossFit class on November 2, 2019. Sign up by answering to this text message”.
  • Personal Trainer Sessions: “Answer with “Train With Kyle” to this number, and you’ll get a free session at 5 p.m on Thursday”.
  • Suggestion: “Do you like to deadlift, _*name*_? Remember to stretch properly! Find more about stretching, at stretchingbasics.com. Take care,”!
  • “Bring A Friend: “Today is Bring A Friend Day! Bring your friend, and get them a 30% discount at Planet Fitness! For you, *name *, you’ll get $20 off your next month’s bill at our gym!”

Perks Of Text Marketing For Fitness Centers


  • It’s Cost-effective – instead of spending money on printing ads and such, you can send text messages which are very affordable compared to some other forms of advertisements.
  • Real-Time Communication – sending messages to your clients regularly will make them think that you care about them. Makes sure they get information about cancellations and time changes.
  • Save Your Time – bulk SMS is a solution for sending a message to too many customers at the same time. With this, you will save time and being able to work more efficiently, which is much needed in the gym business. 
  • Making Your Subscriber Database Grow – a lot of individuals are eager to subscribe to get introduced with training session reminders and offers. With that, growing your subscriber database will be no issue.
  • Managing Staffing Problems – with text marketing for gyms, you can also use it for notifying your staff about certain cancellations and training sessions

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