SMS for Banking, Finance & Accounting

An introduction to text message marking in Finance, Banking and Accounting.

Money is a huge source of stress for many, but you can help lessen the load by making it easier than ever to communicate with your clients. SMS for banking, accounting, and finance is a smart decision for all interested parties. It’s an easy, effective, and fast method of communication.  If you want to earn more clients, improve your marketing game, and beat out the competition, texting for banking, accounting, and finance is the way to go.

The following guide will address how text message marketing works, and why it can benefit you and your financial institution. It will also provide ideas on how to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

First Things First: Why Text Marketing For Finance?

You might be having a hard time finding new business. Or, maybe some of your clients are struggling to keep appointments, because they simply forget about them. You might send out emails, but chances are, none of your clients are opening them, or even know they’re sitting and wasting away in their inboxes. Text marketing, or SMS marketing, can address these issues and help give a much-needed facelift to your bank or financial institution.

90% of consumers favor texting over email or phone calls.  Get a leg up on the competition by offering your clients solutions. Did you know that:

  • 60% of taxpayers received professional help in 2017
  • 1.1 million people are audited by the IRS each year
  • 62% of Americans pursue financial guidance
  • 21 million households chiefly use mobile banking

How Bulk SMS Software for Finance & Accounting Works

There is a wealth of information you can send clients or members through SMS, such as account alerts, promotional items, tax tips, etc. You can send messages individually or in bulk.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:

First, enable a landline or toll-free number. Then have your clients opt in to receive text messages. They can do this by texting a keyword. This goes to the aforementioned text-enabled landland or toll-free number—both of which we can help you create!  After they text the keyword, they will automatically receive any future messages you send.

SMS Marketing Examples for Banking, Accounting & Finance

Below is a list of ways you can use SMS to drastically improve communication with your clients or members.

Texting ideas for individual clients:

  • Appointment reminders. This lessens the number of no-shows.
  • Offer a free countdown to tax season via a series of text messages
  • Keep clients up to date with messages regarding their tax returns
  • Let them know when their refunds are ready
  • Offer real-time updates on a client’s financial profile
  • Text alerts for banking activity that is considered suspicious
  • Special offers such as CDs or increased interest options
  • Real time stock updates
  • Offer your client access to you without giving away sensitive information, such as your personal cell phone number

Here’s an example:

Hello, Clint! This is a reminder that your taxes are due next week. Text us if you have any questions!

Texting ideas for business clients:

  • Reminders regarding recurring accounting tasks. This may include recording transactions, filing receipts, and tracking accounts payable and receivable
  • Remind clients about employment taxes and information returns
  • Remind contractors to make quarterly estimated tax payments

Here are more fantastic SMS ideas for your financial institution:

  • Free tips for how clients can save money
  • Send out links to tax-related content, such as how-to videos and webinars
  • Spread the word quickly about new services
  • Text staff members to improve internal communication
  • Ask for referrals and feedback
  • Let clients know about new deductions or credits
  • Wish your clients a happy birthday

Here is an example of what you might send to clients:

Financial tip of the week:  Several loans? Pay off the one with the highest interest rate first!

How to Get Subscribers

You’ve done your homework, now it’s time to get subscribers for your text messages. You can either import your existing contact list, or you can build a list from scratch.

Turn your existing customers into subscribers by:

  • Utilizing an email blast announcing this new feature. Be sure to include a link or your keyword for them to opt in.
  • Mention your texting campaign to current members when they come in for appointments


This is a short, easy-to-remember word that your clients will use in order to opt-in to text messages. For example, this might look like:

Text “Finance” to (shortcode) for free financial guidance and appointment reminders.

Once you have your keyword set, you will want to make sure it is easy for your client to find and use it. Visibility is key. You can spread news about the keyword by:

  • Posting it on social media and encouraging followers to share
  • Have a contest with prizes for customers who refer the most subscribers
  • Offer discounts or wave fees if they subscribe
  • Update your company’s email signature so that it includes your keyword at the bottom. This tactic may also turn current clients into subscribers.
  • Print out new business cards for you and your staff and include the keyword on every card
  • Include the keyword on intake forms for new clients
  • Add a quick description and the keyword on your outgoing voicemail message, or onto your on-hold message
  • Make room on your company’s site to highlight your new feature.

Something to Consider

Companies like AT&T have fairly strict policies in place about spam. They have these policies to protect their customers. In fact, they have a pretty long list of prohibited text marketing topics. However, so long as you follow these restrictions, you can still communicate with clients who opt-in, and cater messages to fit their needs. Many customers still opt-in to set appointments. It comes down to knowing the difference between transactional and marketing texts. 

Get Started Today

TextTalk makes SMS marketing simple and affordable. We are certain you are ready to increase your success as a banker or financial advisor. Contact us today and see for yourself how easy and effective it is to utilize SMS for banking, accounting, and finance.