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  • Whether you’re new to texting or looking to brush up on your skills, our text message handbooks and industry-specific guides can help you reach your goals.


Find your industry, get inspired, and get started. Thousands of customers use our guides to launch or grow their text marketing efforts. You don't have to be a marketing master to use text messaging. A little bit of insider knowledge is all you need to get started. Our industry-specific guides have that, and a whole lot more. Brimming with insights, advice, research and easy-to-follow steps, these expert guides are here to help you reach your goals—no matter how ambitious they may be.
Text Messaging Solutions for Property Managers and Landlords
SMS & Text Marketing for Golf Courses and Country Clubs
Text Marketing for Food Trucks
Text Messaging for Human Resources and Internal Communications
Text Messaging for Dispatch and Logistics
Text Messaging for Radio Station
SMS Marketing Best Practices
Text Marketing for Car Dealership
Text Marketing for Grocery Stores & Retailers
SMS Solutions for E-Commerce Businesses
Mass Text Messaging Service for Nonprofits
Event Text Messaging Services for Entertainment Venues
Text Message Appointment Reminders for Doctors, Medical Officers and Dental Practices
Retail Text Message Marketing
Text Message Marketing for Insurance Agents
Texting for Laundromats and Dry Cleaners
Text Messaging for Coaches and Sports Teams
Hotel and Hospitality Text Messaging Software
Text Messaging for Recruiting and staffing

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Texting Handbooks

After years of helping customers add texting to their communication strategy, we've learned a thing or two. These handbooks dive into the details of how to be successful with business texting. There's no one-size-fits-all approach, but there are common mistakes you can avoid and insights you can use to your advantage. We proudly publish our knowledge for all to see. Whether or not you're a TextTalk customer, our handbooks are here for you. Looking to build a support team customers love? Want to reach (and surpass) your sales goals)? You can do it with texting, and we'll explain how.
Business Texting Handbook for Customer
Business Texting Handbook for Upselling
Business Texting Handbook for SMS Customer Service
Business Texting Handbook for Sales

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